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So I keep doing these extended breaks…it’s unintentional, I promise. I love coming back and reading the posts from some of my favorites and getting inspired all over again by you. Here’s a little update on me…

The holidays were a challenge for me. I ate too many things that I shouldn’t have. Combine that with the fact that my weight is stalling/fluctuating SO much the last few weeks, I wasn’t thrilled with myself. After New Year’s I did a 5 day pouch reset (this was approved by my nutritionist) and it really DID help me to get my eating back in control and made me realize I was allowing carbs back into my life WAY too much. It’s been 2 weeks since my resent ended and I’m still doing well in the eating department. I’ve started tracking again and I’m keeping a close eye on my carb intake…hopefully I can stay on this positive track now!

So even though  my eating is a lot better, my weight is really fluctuating lately. It seems I’ve been losing and gaining the same few pounds since my reset ended. It’s frustrating, especially when I feel like I’m doing things right. If it keeps up, I think I’m going to email my nut and get some thoughts from her.

Since my weight has been wonky lately, I haven’t been able to celebrate many scale goals, but I HAVE been able to celebrate a few NSV’s!

  • I bought size 18 jeans and some XL tops. Whaaaat?! I KNOW I haven’t worn those sizes since middle school. I’ve always been big and my sizes were always in the 20’s through high school. So I am officially smaller than I was in middle school. Starting from a size 28-30 jeans and a 4x top…I’m pretty happy!
  • I’ve been wanting to try a Bodypump class for a long time, but I was completely intimidated to do so. When I told my trainer it was out of my comfort zone, his response was “You know how you get better? By stepping out of your comfort zone.” So I stepped WAY out and attended my first class on Saturday. While I wouldn’t call it fun…I DID like it, I felt amazing when I finished and I will be adding one a week to my gym schedule. I also am going to add a yoga class each week. We still meet with the trainer once a week and I do cardio a few days a week….my exercise game has never been better! I’m still dying to try a spinning class…but I think I’ll have to work up a little more confidence before I try that one.
  • My sister-in-laws baby shower was last weekend and I had SO many family members and friends telling me how “skinny” I was. I still don’t feel skinny. But, I saw some photos my aunt posted on Facebook and one was a back/side view of myself….and I didn’t SEE a 400lb girl. I saw a girl who still has some work to do, but who, for the first time ever, is starting to see what other people see. I still wouldn’t venture to use the word skinny to describe me. But I definitely don’t feel like a whale anymore either.

Finally, a weight update…I was 267.4 this morning. Which is up from my post-pouch test low of 264.4. There’s those few lbs I’ve been talking about. Granted, I just finished up with my period, so I’m hoping over the next few days they’ll work their way back out!

Until next time friends…and I do promise I’ll try not to wait so long to check in next time 🙂